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I still don't know why I post this thing

July 2010



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Jul. 22nd, 2010

I still don't know why I post this thing

Romeo and Juliet pt. 2.0308349

So everyone's read and heard of Romeo and Juliet and many others have cut, copied and ripped Shakespeare's grand masterpiece into many different books, movies, CDs, etc. etc. So why would I try and write something based of the damned play? Because the stupid thing is a part of me. I guess love though felt in many different ways, is in reality one constant thing and can only be felt in a finite number of ways. This is kinda depressing to imagine....any-who....Maybe I'll post some of what I've written...but then again who really is gonna read this crap?

Jul. 3rd, 2009

I still don't know why I post this thing

July 3rd and there are fireworks

 I think someone got hurt because after the fireworks went off a bazilion ambulances and fire trucks passed by! Lol.
 Why the eff are they doing the fireworks on July 3rd? Isn't independence day on the umm FOURTH? And honestly that wasn't even America's independence day. They only signed a piece of paper that day. It was technically the second where they decided they were going to seperate from grand ol' Britania. John Adam was seriously mistaken (well by only 2 days)!